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We are ready to recover your judgment, SO LETS START. ITS EASY!

We need you to gather the following documents for each judgment that you wish us to consider.

  1. Copy of the original judgment
  2. Copy of the original complaint
  3. Copy of “proof of service” front and back
  4. Ledger or receipts of payments if made by debtor to judgment
  5. Copy of completed Judgment profile sheet. <Download PDF file here>
    (Note: fill out everything you can, if there is something you don’t know fill in with N/A)
  6. Complete the following form and then fax documents 1 thru 5 to 877-527-2772

If you have more than 5 judgments please call our office and we can make things easier with arrangements for bulk assignment orders.

Your Name
Company Name
Address 1
Address 2
Day Phone
Fax Number
Mobile Number
Confirm E-Mail
Judgment in the
name of a (individual person / business or both)

How many judgments would you like us to recover?
Amount of judgment(s)
Best time of day to reach you and discuss case(s)
Single Case Profile
Date Judgment Entered
Judgment Type
Case Number
Amount Recovered to Date
State in which judgment was awarded
County in which judgment was awarded
Were you represented by an attorney?

Does your attorney have a lien on this judgment?”
Was your judgment awarded by default (debtor not present)?
Does the debtor now reside in a different state?
Have you tried to enforce this judgment yourself?
Have you had the debtor show for a debtor's Exam?
Has this judgment been previously assigned to another person or company?
If you answered yes to the above question, name of assignee
Name of Judgment Debtor
Name of debtor business
Last known Address of Judgment debtor City, State. Zip
Debtor Telephone number (last known)
Debtor Soc Sec Number (if known)
Debtor Drivers License Number (if known)
Case Brief (Description of debtor, reason for judgment, anything that might help find or describe debtor)


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Please write to us at:
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JCS Associates, Judgement Recovery Specialists


Media inquires

To inquire about a case status@jcs-associates.com

For payment arrangements mypayment@jcs-associates.com

To dispute or clarify details of a judgment

Due to the nature of our business we do not offer a staff directory, please be assured that your email will be forwarded to the right individual.


Members of CAJP and NAJP

JCS-ASSOCIATES is not a law firm and does not provide any legal advice. You will need to seek competent legal advice of your own if needed. JCS ASSOCIATES neither makes, nor implies, any guarantee as to the outcome of any judgment enforcement or collection case.