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JCS Associates, Judgement Recovery SpecialistsJCS Associates was founded by John Schmidt in 1998 and formally established in 2001. After spending several years trying to enforce a judgment of my own, I began helping other friends and business owners on how to effectively recovery their own judgments. Over time I had so many people coming to me for help with judgment enforcement and their own personal debt problems, I decided to create a company after my own direct style and approach to deal with debt both personal and commercial.

JCS is for Judicial Consumer Services
  • Judicial - Making the Judicial system work with fairness for all parties.
  • Consumer - For Consumer advocates & teaching consumer rights.
  • Services - For serving the customer in the best way.

Our company is not limited to the specialty of Judgment Recovery; we also offer other unique services that we have found helpful to our customers.

Because we deal with both people that are looking to collect on a debt and those who are in debt, we learned that we could find solutions for both that fit their needs. A great deal of what we do deals with public records where we find people such as yourselves in need of solutions that you may not be aware of.John Schmidt - Owner & JE

Our staff and I work with all of our clients like we would are own friends and family.
No sales pressure, no hype just solve the problem.

JCS Associates is centrally located within California.
We would like to hear from you, tell us how we are doing. We want to know if we are meeting the needs of our customers. Is our web site clear and does it provide enough information on what we do?

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JCS Associates, Judgement Recovery Specialists


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Due to the nature of our business we do not offer a staff directory, please be assured that your email will be forwarded to the right individual.


Members of CAJP and NAJP


JCS-ASSOCIATES is not a law firm and does not provide any legal advice. You will need to seek competent legal advice of your own if needed. JCS ASSOCIATES neither makes, nor implies, any guarantee as to the outcome of any judgment enforcement or collection case.