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Your judgment is a piece of paper you received from the judge and is just that a piece of paper. It gives you the right to use tools provided by the judicial systems to enforce your Judgment and get paid. It does not mean that the debtor has to pay. There is nothing about a court judgment that will force payment, only your right to enforce it. You must know how to use the Sheriff's department and the court clerks to capture and liquidate assets from what was your debtor who is now the judgment debtor.

JCS Associates, Judgement Recovery SpecialistsWhen you receive your judgment the court starts the clock and you have a limited time to enforce it. Depending on your exposure to the judicial system, will determine how easy and how fast you will get your money, if you decided to enforce it yourself.

Most judgments such as Small claims, labor commission and Unlawful Detainer are not enforced due to the fact that the amounts are low (under ten thousand) and attorneys are not interested in this type of law as it is too risky.

Larger judgment’s will go without being enforced due to lack of investigation of hidden assets or fraudulent transfer of assets or the judgment debtor use of bankruptcy to escape their debt.

JCS Associates
knows how to investigate,
knows how to beat
the bankruptcy card,
knows the risk,
and knows how to
JCS Associates, Judgement Recovery Specialists

We start with a free analysis of your judgment from the information you provide on the Enforce It page. We check if bankruptcy has been filed or if the judgment debtor has deceased. Then we do a cursory asset check and current location of judgment debtor. Based on this information we decide if we can accept your judgment.

If we feel we can enforce your judgment we will send you the following items.

JCS Associates, Judgement Recovery Specialists(1) A judgment purchase agreement, this covers the amount owed to both you and us and takes care of the what if’s.

(2) an “Acknowledgment of Assignment”, tells the court you have transferred your enforcement rights to JCS Associates. This document must be notarized. This is the only way for us to start enforcement.

(3) A Judgment debriefing interview questionnaire is for you to give us details that can help in the enforcement of your judgment. Once we have received these documents back we put the information into our database and start working to enforcing the judgment. The sooner we get started the sooner you receive payment.


Why Choose JCS Associates

3 Reasons to Choose JCS Associates

JCS Associates, Judgement Recovery Specialists Tactics
The name of the game is watch, wait and grab! As opposed to a collection agency which will send form letters, giving the debtor warning to hide their money and assets and give up after six months.

JCS Associates have seen enough to know the best way to get payment from each type of debtor, no matter how long it takes. It’s the kind of tactics and experience you can count on working to enforce your judgment.
JCS Associates, Judgement Recovery Specialists Cost
There is no cost to you.
There are no fees no hidden charges, only an agreement that a percentage of the judgment collected be paid as consignment or value for sale of judgment.
JCS Associates, Judgement Recovery Specialists Risk
If enforcement is done wrong or poorly a debtor could have grounds to sue in court. You could easily lose the value of the judgment you have and substantially more in lawyers fees to the debtor. Many times we have seen legal fee’s in the hundreds of thousands. It’s not pretty and it’s a risk you don’t have to take.
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PSWe have heard from potential customers that have read this page and tell us they wish they had acted sooner. Why, because they lost their judgment due to expiration or found out the debtor had the money all along but just had it hidden.  Please don’t wait, don’t put it off!  You’re here now; why not to act now!

Please don’t wait, lets start making them pay now!

JCS-ASSOCIATES is not a law firm and does not provide any legal advice. You will need to seek competent legal advice of your own if needed. JCS ASSOCIATES neither makes, nor implies, any guarantee as to the outcome of any judgment enforcement or collection case.